top highest CPM ads network for 2022

top highest CPM ads network for 2022 – As we all know that the publishers are forever in search of the simplest ad networks to legalise their web site or web log to earn additional money.

You cant think about Google AdSense throughout for monetizing your blog or website.

That’s why today legion searches for Publishers are always checking out the best various ad networks to boost their performance and provides them the best attainable results.

what’s CPM ads Network

CPM or “Cost Per thousand Impressions” or “Cost Per Mile.” Mile is employed within the ad business associated is that the best thanks to earn smart revenue along with your web site or web log.

The attention-grabbing reality is that it pays you in line with the quantity of impressions achieved on the ad.

a sway is the “single instance” of an advert seem on your website once the traveller goes through your blog or website.

A response that he provides to your ad is taken into account as an impression. this implies if the visitor isn’t clicking on your website´s ad,

you may still be paid a certain amount. this is often amazing!

increase stream by CPM advertising

the quantity of impressions you may receive for your packaging will earn additional cash. In short,

you’ll build money from your web site or web log by the whole number of impressions you get on your ad.

The Ad impression rate is typically} fixed, however sometimes it fluctuates betting on the country, currency, and advertisers or publisher’s niche.

Let’s take an example; if your website receives 20,000 impressions each day and 40,000 page views, it’s mean that you simplyr CPM rate is $4,

in order that they pays you a complete of $40. Similarly, some CPM Ad networks provide $1 to $10 on one thousand impressions,

betting on the factors and situation. Similarly, if your CPM is $10, then you may be paid in total $100.

The necessary issue that you should confine mind is that there must be an honest flow of traffic towards your web site all the time.

So, you will be paid a handsome quantity of money once your ad are displayed one thousand times on the website;

by obtaining an oversized number of visitors, you’ll simply reach the target and earn additional revenue.

Advertising specialists believe that CPM campaigns are supported the quantity of impressions providen by visitors; thus,

CPM campaigns are best for stigmatization as a result of advertisers are searching for an area to impact or give fame to their product online.

they will quickly meet their goals by running CPM campaigns across the blogs.

Best CPM Ads Networks 2021 and 2022

Here is that the list of Best CPM Ad Networks For Publishers, Bloggers, and Advertisers in 2021 and 2022

which will for certain prove helpful for generating additional revenue and promoting your business.

highest CPM ads network

here is some highest CPM ads network which is provide great service and best CPM to their publisher, you can earn from them by showing ads on you

Ad DragonCPM Ads Network

Ad Dragon, the world’s biggest and first Ethereum based ads advertising company or can say network, this ad network was started in 2019. Ad Dragon ads network is the most popular for serving a best ads formats and unique traffic, for advertiser and also from publisher with the highest CPM rates.

Payment Details:

  • Commission Type: CPM – Mean (Cost-Per-Millie)
  • the Minimum Payout: $50
  • Payment Frequency: Net30, every Month
  • Payment Method: lite coin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Crypto, and Wire Transfer

Viewdeosvideo CPM Ads Network

As an publisher or advertiser, you are mainly going to connect with the maximum earning. So, if you want to grow your business, here, you can go for Viewdeos. for publisher there is requirement is 1 million pageviews per months

Payment Details:

  • Minimum Payment: there is No Minimum Payment for PayPal withdraw.
  • Payment Methods: Webmoney, PayPal, Bank Transfer.
  • Payment Frequency: every month – Net 30.
  • Monetization Options: CPM
  • Requirements: 1 Million Pageviews Per Month.


if you expecting cost-effective CPM Ads Network and for campaigns, so this can help you defiantly Because Adsterra is going to become the best ad network for you. with all kind of website and ads format, this ad network Founded in 2013, They have more than 2 Billion unique and high quality weekly impressions, The ads format that they provide very suitable for both device mobile and desktop,

Payment Details:

  • Minimum Payment: PayPal 100$, webmoney 5$, BTC 100$, Paxum 5$, wire transfer 1000$
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Webmoney, Paxum, BTC, tether, Bank Transfer.
  • Payment Frequency: Net 15. every after 2 weeks,
  • Monetization Options: CPM, CPC, eCPM
  • Requirements: there is no requirements from traffic

join now


The most effective impressions that you will get with this ad network, is just amazing ad network for advertiser and for publisher. If you are looking best and highest CPM Ads Network so must try this ad network, is the one of the best ad network.

Payment Details:

  • Price Models: CPC and CPM
  • Payment Frequency: NET 7 (Every Wee)
  • Minimum Payout: $50
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Payeer, ePayments, WebMoney, QIWI, Bitcoin,

Google Adsense

everyone already know about the Google AdSense is the worlds favorite Ad network. and its very famous for giving very high CPM Ads Network and CPC rates network to the site publishers. the Google AdSense Monetization are based on CPC and CPM. In the beginning of monetize,

Payment Details:

  • Minimum Payment: $100 for Bank transfer
  • Payment Methods: just Bank Transfer.
  • Payment Frequency: Net 30 every month
  • Monetization Options: CPC, and CPM,
  • Requirements: Your website must should be have unique content and valid traffic,
  • Support Email: No Support. just focuses on the high quality content which bloggers create on site unique and original content in the site to devote his all of visitors; it always deals directly with the website owner or can can say publishers without involving any third party. this is also a CPM Ads Network,

Payment Details:

  • Minimum Payment: $100
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Cheque and Wire Transfer
  • Payment Frequency: Net 30 every month
  • Monetization Options: CPC, and CPM, based
  • Requirements: must should be unique article and template,


AdMaven is one of the most popular and biggest CPM Ads Network which is mainly designed for the full-page advertising and with higher CPC push notification. this ad network mainly works with the advertisers and publishers directly without involving third party, which is really helps them to pay more higher rates and on time payment to the publishers.

Payment Details:

Minimum Payment: $50
Payment Methods: PayPal, Cheque and Wire Transfer
Payment Frequency: Net 30
Monetization Options: CPM Rates for Pop under, and CPC Rates for push notification Ads.
Requirements: No Requirements to join.

those all are high CPM ads network for best earning through, if you have good and high quality traffic so of course you are going to make more than 100$, always choose a good and trusted ads network for your website,

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