Top Free Website Speed Test Tools

Top Free Website Speed Test Tools

Top Free Website Speed Test Tools – The speed of we tend tobsite|an internet site|a web site} matters a great deal in obtaining higher SEO ranking, lower bounce rates, high conversion rates and longer guests on site beside the higher user experience. Website Speed is extremely vital to its success.

thus here we go, with the most effective Website Speed Test check tools with top-notch specification and user experience.

If we do have the resources then why we don’t seem to be taking advantage of it,

suggests that you must use these Website Speed Test check Tools to urge the optimum performance of your website.

The good thing about having these tools is that they will assist you in recovering SEO ranking than ever before.

Here during this post, i’ll cowl the importance of web site Speed in getting better SEO ranking beside the most effective higher SEO ranking.

thus don’t pause it here, simply continue the post let your page load quicker with the provided list of Best web site Speed check tools.

Page Speed?

Top Free Website Speed Test Tools

Page speed primarily determines how briskly the content of your page loads.

you’ll be able to decision it as “page loading time” the whole time that is being taken for displaying the content of a selected page.

Here it may also relate to “time to the primary byte” implies that the total time taken by the browser for the first-byte info regarding your web site server.

Its entirely rely on you, however you live page speed however having a quicker page speed can provides a user best expertise on your website.

you must target page speed along with web site speed if you would like to create your on-line business profitable than ever before.

Speed up your Website?

Here, i’ll return up with few {ways|ways that|ways in that} through which you’ll be able to simply increase your page speed. Don’t wait simply undergo it,

Enable Compression

The file compression is extremely important. you’ll be able to use GZIP Compression for reducing the scale of the files on your website.

Here this may assist you in reducing the sizes of CSS, hypertext mark-up language and JavaScript files that have additional than 150-byte size.

Here, for reducing the scale of pictures you’ll be able to opt for a program like Photoshop. it’ll very assist you in holding the management over the standard of the images.

Minify your JS, HTML and CSS

after you optimize your code and take away (commas, areas beside another surplus character) by doing this you’ll increase your page speed.

the most effective issue you can do, simply remove the code comments, info and therefore the unused code. you must use YUI mechanical device for each the CSS and JavaScript.

Reduce site Redirects

simply just in case of the page redirect, all the guests got to sacrifice is their time they need to attend for hypertext transfer protocol request-response cycle to complete.

Use Browser Caching

Brow cache holds many items of knowledge cherish JavaScript files, images, vogue sheets and plenty of more.

thus confirm once a visitant involves your website again, the browser doesn’t become involved in reloading the whole page.

you’ll be able to use many tools accessible within the market to line the expiration date of your cache.

All you would like to try and do is ready your ‘expires’ header only for knowing the data are cached for a way long.

after you do use the browser caching, your web site could create use of cached version.


As mentioned above, CDN is additionally used as a content distribution network,

primarily are networks of servers that’s indulged for distributing the load of the delivering content.

Optimize your Images

The important factors that decide the loading time of any pages are the photographs employed in that page.

simply confirm that the images you’re victimisation on your web site are totally optimized. the scale of the images should be low and may contain the choice text.

The best-suited image format is PNGs that usually suits the graphics and it’s not up to sixteen colours whereas the JPEGs are quite sensible for photographs.

confirm all the images are compressed for the web. to get best result for Website Speed Test

Free Website Speed Test Tools

  • Pingdom Website speed taster
  • Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Gtmetrix
  • WebPage Test
  • Dotcom-Monitor
  • KeyCDN 
  • Google Mobile Speed

you can use those tools to check your site speed in free without any cost,

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