MGID approval Requirements new update

MGID approval Requirements new update – Are you ready to know if your website is visible for the MGID ads network if your website or blog meets the requirements for monetization on-site?

What is MGID

MGID is the most famous and biggest ads network, which offers native advertising and its solutions. This network always provides the best solutions for both, mean say advertisers and publishers, but here we gonna talk about the publisher, Because you are here to know the Mgid approval requirements, so here publishers have two options to earn money: the first is to monetize traffic (through displaying ads on their website) and the 2nd is “recirculating” visitors.

But Most site owners will go with the first option, ” displaying ads on their website ” but the concept of recirculating refers to your traffic to another website, which in turn will send back your traffic on-site”

MGID approval Requirements

  • Publisher Terms:  you can read here
  • Traffic Minimum: 3000 Unique Daily website visitors, Wait ” let me finnish first ” but if have good website with high quality content so you will get approval on just 1000, or less then 1000 visitor per day,
  • Minimum post: you must should be have atleast 100 post on your site, if have more than 100 post on your site so you no need much taffic to get approval from Mgid, 600 visitor is enough to get approval,
  • Publisher Language Requirement: every one know that, every languages are allowed on this ads network like google adsense accept all languages, but i think Primarily language should be English, but it dose not matter to have any languge site,
  • Prohibited Publisher Content: Publisher will not deploy the advertising adult, weopons, liqure, obscene, pornographic, defamatory, libelous, infringing, abusive, or any kind of illegal content, do not use aggressive, that promotes hate or discrimination, No invalid clicks/ or fake impressions, do not post empty pages with no content, best reserves the right in its sole discretion to disable the it’s services on any property at any time.


  • Payment Methods Available: PayPal, bank wire transfer
  • Payment Terms: Net 30
  • Minimum Payout: $100 USD once you reach $100 usd they will send you automatic on her account which is you provide payment method,

Mgid CPM rates? 

The MGID earnings is an average RPM of $1.20- $3.50, and there is no limit and the company strives for a 100% fill rate from all over the world,

if have massive traffic so you can go with this, you also can use these Mgid ads network with google AdSense to make more revenue,

Mgid Minimum payout? 

MGID offers its publishers For example, the minimum payout is $100 Dollar. they hold one month’s earnings if you complete your $100 in July so you will get paid in the last of August.

MGID payment methods? 

MGID offers us two simple and fast payment method options ( PayPal And bank transfer.) so The minimum payout for PayPal is $100, USD and for a bank transfer payout you should behave the minimum of $1000,

I think Paypal is the best for receive payments from ads networks, it is easy and fast, no need to fill in lots of information, account, address, number, pin code, and blaa information, but in PayPal just insert the Gmail account and done, 💰💰💰

Display Ad Unit Sizes

Widgets are available for all places like headers, under article, and sidebar. Exit pop widget available as well. Mobile and desktop for both. and fully responsive native ads,

Mgid with adsense

MGID is very compatible with popular Google AdSense ads and other display ads, as long as the design and style of the advertisements or recirculation widgets aren’t in violation of their Google Adsense guidelines.

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