Ezoic new requirements update for 2022

Ezoic new requirements update for 2022

Ezoic new requirements update for 2022 – that’s a very common question – what is the requirement approved for the Ezoic platform? if you are really interested to know, then look no further! so in this article, you will know what are new Ezoic Requirements guide,

if you have a blog and have AdSense approval, but you are not happy with Adsense CPM, so you also can apply for the Ezoic ads network, and can use with AdSense which will increase your CPM, Ezoic is an ad exchanger ad network,

What are Ezoic new requirements?

Ezoic now does not require pageview limits for new sign-ups. Ezoic is removed of 10,000 monthly visits, Ezoic’s validation options have allowed us to eliminate the long-running narrative that as sites grow they somehow qualify or earn an opportunity to figure with higher-paying advertisers from totally different ad networks or third-parties that have traditionally excluded them.

This has no grounding in however the ad system works and solely exists as a result of these parties haven’t needed to hassle with these sites till they thought they may generate a exploit them. In the reality of the ad, this is theater and runs very low-cost marketing.

However, sites that are smaller than we have a tendency to antecedently allowed us to use the platform can have brand new onboarding expertise like those we did with our pilot Access currently and simply begin programs.

Ezoic: No More 10,000 pageviews

Ezoic new requirements

Previously, Ezoic removed the 10,000 pageview limit was developed simply to assist us to scale however we tend to screened your websites for the best content quality and ad policy tips whereas providing acceptable support to sites as they navigated fixing a complicated ad configuration victimization AI technology.

Sites can still be subject to any or all different ad policies and quality guidelines, however, Ezoic won’t have any limits on site as a result of they simply haven’t been able to grow their site on the far side 10,000 page views anymore.

Instead, their set-up method will embody a serious target the education. technical, tips, and some basic Learning ideas concerning proof can aid them in having the ability to induce the foremost out of their time and efforts victimization Ezoic.

These processes are an enormous reason why sites that have seen this onboarding have seen unexampled growth over the last year.

you have to follow Google’s Publishers Policies if you want Ezoic approval, which requires attributes such as original and valuable content and should avoid keyword stuffing, and try to keep the safe account from invalid clicks or impressions.

that’s all updates in Ezoic new requirements

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