Ezoic approval Requirements step by step

Ezoic approval Requirements step by step – Are you really sure to know if your website is visible for the Ezoic ads network, or not, mean to say if your blog meets the Ezoic requirements for monetization?

After all, let’s know it… when the biggest ads network Mediavine increased their qualifying criteria from 20,000 to 50,000 sessions a month, so many website owners became rattled by the thought, that our earnings gonna crush,

so first let’s know what is Ezoic and how its work, and how we gonna complete Ezoic approval Requirements step by step,

What is Ezoic?

Ezoic approval Requirements step by step

Ezoic is the best ads network and google AdSense alternative, which is providing you high revenue more than AdSense, you also can call it all in one because Ezoic has lots of features that gonna help you to grow your site and also will increase your site speed 🚀🚀, and ‘SEO management, and many more…

Ezoic One of the popular highlights of my long blogging journey has been the desegregation of my website with Ezoic and later on getting up to earn many greenbacks mean dollars a month from my blog.

Ezoic is a totally free, yes you heard right 👍, free and easy-to-use, interactive platform that produces automatic and complex changes to your website whereas increasing its speed, SEO, and show ad earnings. this ad network is not let you walk, because they give you permission to fly ✈✈✈?

They describe themself as ‘an intelligence platform engineered for blog and site publishers, In alternative words, Ezoic provides net publishers with machine-driven website intelligence for his or her ads, content, layouts, and more.

once it will involve weblog monetization, Ezoic uses a data-driven approach to indicate ads in locations that cause you to cash however don’t cut down from the user’s experience.

In fact, their data-driven approach,

How to Setup Ezoic

Ezoic approval Requirements step by step

Creating an account with Ezoic is really simple and very easy it just takes less than one 1-minute if you using it the first time. Thankfully, because there is no need for a contract to sign for joining,

Also, if you’re new to the blogging field and you have just a new blog, you do no need to worry, I hope you’ll be very glad to know that, to use Ezoic you do not need any requirements like coding or technical experience, should be bigger site, and technical experience to get set up with the site.

And next 24 hours after creating an account, definitely, you are going to be approved (or rejected), as well as complete your blog integration with Cloudflare and ads.txt and ads setup.

for rejection have some reason but in most cases, they give approval to every site, so make sure you write your own unique article, And every article should behave differently, not to be the same,

for example, this site-“ topnewface.com ” if you check this site- so you will know that on this site every article are the same just little different in all article, and I’m 1000% sure that this site can not be approved by this ads,

so make sure you guys, don’t do the same mistake, your article must a unique and should behave quality content,

Ezoic approval Requirements

Ezoic approval Requirements step by step

Though there are not any necessities Requirements to trial the location speed accelerator feature of Ezoic, monetization,

1. Site size and visitors

A minimum Requirements of 10,000 site visits per month. but currently, we do not need 10,000 page views, it’s a new update of Ezoic,

but if have 10,000 site visits per month, so it can be a golden key to open the Ezoic approval door!

so currently you just need unique and quality content, not 10,000 page views or seasons,

2. Google Policy and guidelines

Adhere to Google’s Adsense Publishers Policies and Adsense guidelines, which require attributes such as unique and original quality content, no keyword stuffing, and no should behave invalid clicks or fake impressions,

This also includes,

  • No invalid clicks/ or fake impressions
  • dont use copyrighted material/ and downloads links
  • The site must have to organic traffic sources
  • do not use any redirect users to undesirable pages or popunder
  • dont not try to anything whihc is related Gambling content
  • do not use automatically generated artical
  • do not post empty pages with no content
  • do not use copy paste content
  • dont try to set any suffring keywords
  • do not use adult content, or any dangures things or weopan,
  • dont sale or buy alcohol/tobacco / healthcare-related content
  • do not use aggressive/and also threatening content
  • not allowed illegal content or any kind of activity
  • do not promote any gambling linkon your site
  • do not buy traffic by any PTC site or robotic site
3. AdSense Supported Ezoic

If you have an existing Google AdSense so it must be in good standing. because Ezoic is also an ad exchanger ads network,

If you really think your site meets ALL of their requirements, then approval must be very easy and fast on your site.

Ezoic Support

If we talk about Ezoic support so it’s amazing, Ezoic customer support service is one of the best that I have ever encountered. Once you’re approved, you are connected with AN account manager who can assist you started the Ad Tester similarly as answer any queries that you just have.

Their ‘human support team’ is virtually the most effective within the business and answers questions via email 24/7.

Another Benafits

  • will be faster Site Speed Accelarator
  • its also Progressive Web App (PWA) for Mobile
  • AMP for mobile version
  • you also can use Layout Tester, and more

Can earn on Ezoic

So if you’re wanting to know if Can earn on Ezoic, so I will give my answer, “Definitely, biggest yes!”

With this network, you will have total control of your site, and if in the future you want to cancel ads so you can cancel your ads anytime without any problem and without a fee.

As we know people having a problem with Ezoic integration, but don’t worry, we have also the solution for that,

Ezoic has launched auto integration 🌀🌀🌀 on 2 august, meaning you just have to give permission then the site will auto-update everything without any risk of down site,

once auto integration is complete then add ads.txt to your website, and add a minimum of 10 ads on your site, after few minutes your all process will be complete then your site will be ready for review approval and wait for 24 hours for approval,

I was got approval on my site within 6 hours, amazing right, so if your site is clean and have quality content so definitely your site will be approved under 12 hours,

Multiple Payout Options

now let’s see on the payments option – You can change your payment threshold any time whenever you want, there you can withdraw a minimum of $20, and you receive your payments in a variety of ways.

  1. Check/cheque (juast for USA And Canada only)
  2. Paypal
  3. Direct Deposit (just for USA Only)
  4. Prepaid Card,
  5. International Wire Transfers
  6. Payoneer

important notice

Must remember in the first month, Ezic’s A.I. is trying to understand your blog and gonna scan and analyze in order place best possible ad locations for you,

Hope you will like this article, if have any problem related to Ezoic approval or any other quarry so feel free to ask in the comment box,

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