Coinzilla Review - scam or Legit

Coinzilla Review – scam or Legit – Coinzilla requirement, Coinzilla is one in every of the only a few fashionable ad networks that pay publishers in Bitcoins and may be a complete resolution for advertisers and publishers.

they provide multiple ad formats that are super responsive on each mobile and desktop traffic. therefore basically,

you’ll simply legitimatise your traffic with this network whether or not you’ve got mobile or desktop traffic.

Here is a elaborated post concerning this ad networking platform with everything you wish to know,

along side all the connected advantages for advertisers further as publishers!

what’s coinzilla

Coinzilla may be a digital advertising network and one in every of the leading crypto/bitcoin advertising networks that job with crypto associated websites & projects.

based mostly in Romania, the network permits advertisers to urge the foremost of their ad campaign by providing commonplace IAB banners & native banners.

the large issue concerning Coinzilla is that they settle for all quite websites except those that don’t befits their terms,

which conjointly includes adult content websites. The community pointers ordered down by this network for publishers are terribly easy and their necessities also are not high.

permitting publishers with an honest quality web site to hitch this network with none hassle!

advantages for Advertisers

The minimum deposit is 50 USD

Anti-fraud catching system

they provide sub ids for all advertisers;

Campaigns are approved in an exceedingly matter of hours, even faster.

SEPA, SWIFT, BTC, ETH & Bank Transfers supported as payment ways

Ad formats

Publishers that sign on with Coinzilla can get to experiment with a spread of ad formats to legitimatise their websites.

The network presently offers the subsequent five ad formats for publishers to utilize.

Native Ads

The native ads for blogs are ideal. Their format mirrors the web site style and editors will use their public API to customise the ad format.

MGID is reliable and sturdy native ads marketplace for advertisers and publisher, you’ll examine elaborated Mgid review here.


The pop-under format launches a cupboard that contains the landing page of the advertiser,

behind the contents of the active window of the user. Single Opt-In offers in the main use this ad format.

Header Banner

Header banners are forever place at rock bottom of the website, almost like sticky flags.

Their placement always attracts a visitor’s attention, creating it very effective.

Sticky Banner

The sticky flag is usually place at rock bottom of the table and can solely seem once web sites guests navigate through the website.

Getting Approved!

you wish to visualize your website for authorization–You will need to check your website for authorization on this network,

like most different ad networks before you’ll begin displaying their advertisements on your website.

once you submit your website, you need to check your website’s possession and to try to to so,

you can transfer your equipped computer file to the foundation directory of your web site or just insert a supplied meta tag before your website’s closing head tag.

This network reviews all pages of publishers rapidly. All websites are sometimes checked at intervals twenty four hours of entry.

Rules and Restrictions

Be coupled to extrajudicial activities.

Contain content like kid pornography, hate-mongering, violence, obscene or
vulgar language,

physical harm, deceptive investments advice, etcetera

Be associate degree adult content website.

Deliver spam or larva traffic.

Rating Models

The operating model of Coinzilla is CPM and CPC (native ads). they need latterly created a self-service ad network,

that may be used as they want by the publicizer and publisher.

they furnish totally different selling methods for editors counting on web site performance and content.

Statistics are updated each five minutes and everyday payments are provided.

Conzilladoesn’t extremely have very high requirements, excluding those we’re mentioning below.

Thus, this ensures that any publisher with a median web site will apply to hitch this network:

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