best home warranty company

best home warranty company

best home warranty company, total home protection with the best home warranty company, Best American Home Shield (AHS) is the best home warranty company available. A veteran in the home warranty industry,

best home warranty company

  • Best Overall: AFC Home Club, for best home warranty company
  • Best Pricing: yankee Residential guarantee,
  • Best for bonded Service: Cinch Home Services
  • Best for Coverage Options: yankee Home defend
  • Best for Reliability: for best home warranty company
  • Best Regional Coverage: Landmark Home guarantee
  • Best for Convenience: OneGuard Home guarantee
  • Best for Transparency: Sears Home guarantee
  • Best for Comprehensive Coverage: the house Service Club

what’s a Home Warranty?

A home warranty may be a contract that helps householders cowl the value of repairing or commutation appliances and systems that break down or fail. victimization home warranties,

householders will get discounted repair and replacement services (up to sure limits) for lined things that fail throughout the coverage period.

the most effective home guarantee corporations provide a various set of coverage options, have high coverage limits, and create it simple for homeowners to file claims.

These companies conjointly offer many details concerning their offerings right their websites, make it easy to shop for coverage, and are versatile once it comes time to settle on a contractor.

AFC Home Club

best home warranty company

Why we tend to selected AFC Home Club

for best home warranty company they tend to chose AFC Home Club as our greatest overall as a result of it’ one in every of the foremost versatile home guarantee corporations for obtaining fast, reliable service.

For example, whereas many competitors enable you to settle on your own technician, AFC Home Club doesn’t need previous approval—the company can connect directly with the repair person you select.

Plans & Pricing

With AFC Home Club, you’ll be able to choose between four plans and an inventory of further coverage options. If you would like service, you can decision client service twenty four/7/365 or file a claim online. In general, the corporate can dispatch a technician inside 24 to forty eight hours.

AFC Home Club offers four arranges (prices depend upon the plan and repair fee you choose):

System arrange: air conditioning, heating system, water heater, electrical system, plumbing system, and ductwork

Silver Plan: washer/dryer, refrigerator, range/oven/cooktop, dishwasher, garbage disposal, and garage door opener

Gold Plan: everything lined by the System and Silver Plans

noble metal Plan: everything covered by the Gold Plan and plumbing stoppages, ice maker, associated intrinsic microwave


If you’ve got an AFC Home Club policy, you’re entitled to many further “member benefits,” including:

cash tips: Free credit observance and identity protection alerts

DealDash: Savings at thousands of taking part restaurants and retailers
Emergency Alert Network: Alerts to give notice friends and family in an emergency

American Residential Warranty

best home warranty company

Why we tend to selected American Residential Warranty

for best home warranty company American Residential Warranty is our high decide for rating as a result of the corporate is extremely clear concerning its rates, has plans beginning at low value points,

associated charges low service fees ($55). Plans also are customizable, coverage is obtainable nationwide, and therefore the company has an A+ rating with the higher Business Bureau.

Plans & Pricing

guarantee offers four basic plans:

room and ($34.99 per month): intrinsic microwave, dishwasher, garbage disposal, interior electrical system, kitchen exhaust fan, range/oven/cooktop, icebox (excluding ice maker), and storage tank

Heating & Cooling ($39.99 per month): central air conditioning, central home heating, humidifier, and interior electrical system
noble metal ($49.99 per month): everything the room and and Heating & Cooling arranges cowl

noble metal Premier ($59.99 per month): everything the noble metal plan covers plus ceiling fans, ductwork, garage door opener, plumbing stoppages (fixtures not included), utility (fixtures not included), range hood, and icebox kitchen appliance


You’ll get immediate service for emergencies; different requests for service are taken care of inside 24-48 hours. you’ll be able to speak with a live, U.S.-based client service representative throughout the subsequent hours: Mon through Thursday 8:30am to 7pm, weekday 8:30am to 4pm, and Sabbatum 9am to 6am. What’ more, you’ll be able to opt for your own service supplier or use the company’ network of licensed, pre-screened technicians.

Cinch Home Services

best home warranty company

Why we tend to selected Cinch Home Services

for best home warranty company regardless of that Cinch Home Services arrange you choose, you won’t be denied coverage for unknown preceding conditions, rust, or corrosion. In addition,

there’ a 180-day “workmanship guarantee.” If the matter persists, Cinch can fix it at no further price to you. If you would like to create a claim, you can decision client service 24/7/365.

Plans & Pricing

several home warrant firms have one or 2 service fees to decide on from, however Cinch Home Services offers three.

this may create it easier to search out an idea that meets your budget—pay additional monthly for a plan with a lower service fee, or vice versa.

the quantity you pay each month depends on the plan and repair fee you decide on and wherever you live. The Cinch web site has an easy-to-use on-line quote:

Enter your code and choose a deductible to see costs for the assorted plans (you don’t got to enter any personal details).

American Home Shield

best home warranty company

Why we tend to selected American Home Shield

for best home warranty company American Home Shield has been in business for nearly fifty years. It’ the industry’ leader and it pays out a lot of service requests than the other home guarantee company.

Plans & Pricing

the corporate offers 3 totally different primary plans and property and natural philosophy coverage. you’ll be able to conjointly customise the plans by adding coverage for more items.

once a lined appliance or system breaks down, you’ll be able to request service on-line or by line of work client service.

yankee Home defend offers 3 plans (price varies by region and plan):

ShieldSilver: fourteen major systems lined as well as plumbing, heating and cooling, and electrical.

ShieldGold: 9 further systems covered including room and laundry appliances.

ShieldPlatinum: Even a lot of coverage than gold, including roof leaks, code violations, HVAC tune-up, and more.

First American Home Warranty

best home warranty company

Why we tend to selected First American Home Warranty

for best home warranty company initial yankee Home guarantee has served over 8.6 million homeowners since obtaining its begin in 1984. It wins our spot because the most reliable home guarantee because,

with over 3 decades within the business and 24/7/365 service requests, customers can feel assured that initial yankee are there once needed.

Plans & Pricing

With initial yankee Home Warranty, you’ll be able to choose between 2 plans yet as purchase many elective add-ons for every plan.

Basic arrange: covers all essential appliances together with garbage disposal, dishwasher, kitchen appliance range, cooktop, microwave, trash compactor, refrigerator, and washer-dryer

Premier plan: covers everything within the basic plan and major home systems including plumbing, plumbing stoppages, water heater, heating, ductwork, electrical, garage door opener, and central vacuum system

Landmark Home Warranty

best home warranty company

Why we tend to selected Landmark Home Warranty

for best home warranty company Landmark Home Warranty wins high spot for best regional coverage as a result of it makes a specialty of service six states including Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, and Utah.

Plans & Pricing

Service Fees: $70 or $100
Annual Cost: $420 to $672
Coverage Area: Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, and Beehive State

Landmark was supported in 2005 and is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. It offers its regional customers access to 2 totally different plans furthermore as plan add-ons.

arrange costs vary between states and are supported a single-family home below 5,000 sq. feet.

To be eligible for a concept you need to have lived in your home for over thirty days.


Add-ons will be purchased to hide multiple appliances in an exceedingly home (e.g. if you’ve got multiple refrigerators or ovens),

or to customize your arrange coverage. Home pledge plan add-ons include:

  • Booster and well pump
  • inherent microwave
  • Dishwasher
  • Exterior pipe leak repair
  • detached kitchen appliance
  • deep-freeze (stand-alone)
  • Garage door opener
  • electric pig
  • Grinder pump
  • house
  • room refrigerator
  • Oven/range/cooktop
  • Pool and bath (chlorine)
  • Pool and hot tub (saltwater)

OneGuard Home Warranty

best home warranty company

Why we tend to selected OneGuard Home Warranty

OneGuard is our winner for best home pledge for client expertise as a result of it offers each home warranty services and residential maintenance services,

bushed one place. This equates to a lot of convenience and longer back within the homeowner’s day.

Plans & Pricing

OneGuard Home Warranties was supported in 1990 and presently serves customers in Arizona, Texas, and Nevada.

If you reside in one in every of these 3 states, you’ll reach bent OneGuard for a rapid on-line quote.

If you’ve got OneGuard coverage Associate in Nursingd encounter an issue, contact OneGuard’s client service team that is obtainable 24/7.

there’s a $69 trip fee and arrange rating varies between states.

ApplianceGuard: covers appliances together with room icebox with kitchen appliance and dispenser, dishwasher, range/oven/cooktop, inherent microwave,

garbage disposal, instant plight dispenser, trash compactor, and washer and drier. additionally covers services including re-key and garage remote reprogram, carpet cleaning,

window cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, cuss management treatment, insect treatment, weed kill treatment, pool maintenance, and yard maintenance.

Sears Home Warranty

best home warranty company

Why we tend to selected Sears Home Warranty

Sears Holdings has been in business since 1887 and didn’t introduce home warranties till 1999.

whereas Sears Holdings filed for Chapter eleven bankruptcy in 2018, it’s still providing home warranties.

we tend to chose Sears as our greatest home pledge for transparency as a result of it clearly outlines all of the coverage details on its website.

No got to seek for the value of a service fee or the cap per claim; all of the main points are listed in Associate in Nursing easy-to-read table in conjunction with links to sample contracts.

Plans & Pricing

Service Fees: $70 or $100
Annual Cost: $599.88 to $839.88
Coverage Area: forty seven states

Sears Home pledge program covers appliances and systems despite age, brand, or wherever they were purchased.

The deductible per service ranges from $75 for the Appliance arrange to $100 for the System or Whole Home Plans.

Claims are capped at $10,000 with an annual cap of $50,000. Expect a 30-day hold on all claims furthermore as a service guarantee of one hundred eighty days.


you’ll also purchase add-on coverage for your arrange that includes:

Pool and/or spa with heater (heater limit $1,000)
tank with pumping (pumping limit $500. give thanks replacement limit $1,000)
complete deep-freeze
suction pump
Well pump

Home warrantee vs. Homeowners’ Insurance

the general public are terribly at home with homeowners’ insurance, that protects against any accidental harm to your home and belongings thanks to theft,

fire, storms, and natural disasters. A home warranty protects your home, too, however it works differently.

A home warranty could be a contract that helps procure repairs and replacements for lined appliances and major home systems.

For a monthly or annual fee, you’ll then pay a collection charge anytime an appliance or system fails.

In general, you don’t would like a home review or maintenance records to shop for coverage.

And it doesn’t matter if your house is current or fifty years old.

how Home warrantee Work?

once you select a arrange, service fee, and any add-on coverage, you pay direct for the complete year or got wind of monthly payments.

Most corporations have a waiting amount of fifteen to thirty days after you get the plan before coverage takes effect.

Once that waiting period is over, you’re liberated to begin mistreatment the house warrantee. If to procure or got a home warranty as a part of a true estate transaction,

your coverage usually starts after you shut on your new home.

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