Adcash Review – scam or legit

Adcash Review – scam or legit

First established in 2007, Adcash holds a combined fourteen years of expertise in sourcing and inserting high-quality ads to legitimize websites everywhere in the world.

The network has stylish placement algorithms making certain the simplest ads notice their thanks to the correct sites.

Adcash is headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, with a branch in Sofia, Bulgaria. The network places ads on a spread of various verticals,

together with gaming, sports betting, gambling, finance/crypto, VPN/App Installs, Health/Nutra, online Dating, eCommerce, and more.

Leading prediction technology keeps its wide ad inventory optimized per a publisher’s individual traffic needs.

Publishers can have management over their ad placement with a manually monitored account, or they’ll like {better to|value more highly to|favor to|choose to} alter the method entirely.

This AdSense alternative provides publishers a tailored ad placement resolution and all-around better control over what goes onto their site.

Publisher Requirements

Applicable Publisher – Terms and Conditions.
Minimum Traffic requirement: there is no requirement for minimum traffic.
Publisher Content requirements: All kinds of sites they approve – if you have any kind of site you can monetize with this network, there are no requirements for minimum traffic or any content requirements,

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Adcash Review – scam or legit

Advertisers & Offers

if you are an advertiser so you will get many kinds of offers from them in different ads formats, so here have some type of offers, which they provide to the advertiser-

Offer Types: CPA Target, CPM, CPC.
Verticals: All major verticals (pop Entertainment, Gaming, App installs, wall offers).

Adcash Autotag

recently they post about auto-tag their ad formats or choices for the new Autotag feature. Here’s a fast recap of what this feature entails.

Publishers will currently integrate three ads in 1, one to their website with the Publisher Autotag. Designed to change integration and boost onsite revenue by showcasing 3 high changing Ad formats (namely, Pop-Under, Interstitial, and In-Page Push).

This Autotag feature is intended to…

Integrate ads seamlessly onto any website.
unlock time that will have otherwise been spent on testing.
Maximize engagement by showing the foremost relevant and fascinating offers to traffic.

Increase overall onsite revenue by thinking 3 steps earlier than the competition.
The Publisher Autotag conjointly contains an inbuilt proof Goal.

Before or once you’ve placed the Autotag code onto your site, you’ll be ready to regulate your ads to balance your overall earnings with respect to your end-user experience.

As a rule, the upper the monetization goal is set, a lot of often ads are shown on site. If your traffic is sensitive regarding being overadvertised,

Adcash Payment

there have many payments option on their payment method, so you can go with any payment method easily,

Payment Methods: Wire Transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, Litecoin, Webmoney, Bitcoin.

Payment Time: 30 days after payout request (Net-30)

Minimum payout

the MinPayout Threshold is $25 once if you reach 25$ USD so you will be able to request your payment,

as we know Adcash typically does not charge any fees for transactions or you can say for payout. However, each payment had its own service fees.

Adcash ads formats  

Adcash provides to Publisher’s different kinds of ads formats

like In-Page Push Ads, Pop-Under Ads, Interstitial Ads, Native Ads, and Display Banner Ads.

scam or legit

this is a trusted ads network that can use with trust and earn much revenue by ads network, I personally use this network for 8 months, and it pays on time which is the best thing for a publisher,


but sometimes it irritates the visitors because it redirects the site, so this can e a disadvantage of this ad network,

Adcash disadvantage


  • if you are using the auto tag of Adcash so there is some issue with this-
  • your site will redirect to another site
  • your visitor will be irritated from the popunder ads
  • visitor cant easily click anywhere on your site
  • your site will lose the page views
  • your site will be load slower and get down your ranking,

so batter don’t use Autotag go with manual ads, in Autotag the CPM will be higher but I already told your the factors of Autotag ads,

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