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Ad.Plus is the best video and display ad and popular network. they provide InStream (pre-roll) ads, also in InApp, InBanner, high-quality OutStream video formats, and standard Display banner ads formats. they also provide to publishers VAST/VPAID ads, Javascript, and included Google IMA ad tags.

About Ad.Plus

They Offer To publisher and Provide Their Specialized best Ad Technology as like Ezoic ads network, They Help Their Publishers to Increase their revenue and also Ad Network Performance And high and fast Revenue in a short time, requerments

  • Minimum monthly pageviews 100,000
  • must should be Content safe
  • no nudity/sexuality/adult content not allowed
  • Not be suspended Google AdSense/ and AdX.
  • Add ads. txt lines in to your site


The Monetizes Their Publishers Websites With the best and high eCPM And CPA Based Ads Models, but in few first days, the eCPM will be very low, more than your think,

here are few sites which are monetized with see there 👉👉 TOPNEWFACE

see there how show his ads, as I heard from them there CPM is very low, how same how they said on the dashboard,

Click Valued

if we talk about the click value so let me tell you its nothing will change or increase after the click so there is no value of a click,

if you think click will increase your CPM so it is useless, waste of your traffic

Traffic Back

Traffic back Is Provided To Ensure your site Visitors, Count, To Your Traffic


this network will manage your ad traffic, and also campaign optimization, and media planning, and reporting all of delivering results focus on quality,

Ads formets

Display banner ads, vast Video ads, also available for In-App, and any Non-standard video ads format Along With the Premium direct demands from top advertisers, payout

The minimum payout is $100 by PayPal and wire transfers, payout option is not available in dashbord, after reach they 100$ you have mail them and ask about the payments,


  • AdExchange (AdX) and also some other premium demands.
  • Premium accounts can start direct campaigns at the very highest eCPM
  • Long Term Publishers but still not confirm if they happy with or not
  • they provide ads for desktop, mobile & tablet (AMP and non AMP).
  • they also providde In-Stream and Out-Stream video ads,
  • video campaigns for high CPM rate, not confirm just heard
  • Supporting Javascript, VAST/VPAID
  • their CPM Not confirm yet but as they say they pay $3 To $7 And 75% Fill Rates,
  • all theose information about Ad.plush is based on peoples comments and their exprince,


we have some information about this ad network but still not yet confirm if its real or fake,

possitive comments review - scam or legit review - scam or legit
Negative comments review - scam or legit review - scam or legit

so feel free to comment about network if you have any experience with this network, and share with us to be alert,

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