5 Instant Approval Ad Networks For Small Websites

5 Instant Approval Ad Networks For Small Websites

5 Instant Approval Ad Networks For Small Websites – Quick/ Fast/ Instant Approval Ad Networks: if we try to find so we will get many of ads network, but here I will give you the best CPC ads network with instant approval,

And some of the ads network no need to submit website just paste the site URL and get the code and start earning if you still not got Google Adsense approval for your blog.

you no need to warry your friend is here so I will give 5 best Adsense alternatives which makes a good amount of money for you, and believe me, you gonna earn more than Google Adsense,

have many websites which are not fit in good Adsense guidelines, for that site those ads network will be the best,

if we talk about Adsense rejection, you know People are so confused about Adsense because Google doesn’t tell us the exact problem,

Or you can say the issue with our website why they just rejected, and give many of issues which really not on our site,

so here we share the top 5 Instant approval ads network which really helps to generate earning for you,

5 Instant Approval Ad Networks

those all ads network trusted with high CPC AND CPM, so if you have a site and you got rejected by google Adsense so definitely those ads network will good for your site,


5 Instant Approval Ad Networks For Small Websites

Adsterra Ad Network will be a good option for your site if you really want instant monetization for your site so Adsterra is a very good choice, just in a few minutes you will get approval for your site,

this ad network has multiple and high-quality ads, and it’s very easy to use and implement, they provide many kinds of ads format, you know what is the thing of this ads network,

this ad network will monetize all kinds of sites including adult and faucet every kind of site, ever this network also will monetize your subdomain like: blogspot.com or Weebly, or any other subdomains,

ADS formats:

  • Banner ads
  • Native ads
  • social bar ads
  • Pop-under
  • Direct link
  • Vast ads

Advantages of Adsterra:

  • instant monetization approval, for all kind of websites with the multiple ad formats,
  • high CPM and eCPM and CPC rates as compared to others ads network with good security.
  • there is No requirement for traffic,
  • the best liver customer support at anytime,
  • have also referral service with good comission,

Payment method:

Adsterra payment method – every after two weeks, means 2 times in months, 1 to 2 and 16 to 17 those are payment dates,

there is a multiplay withdrawal option like PayPal, Bitcoin, Wire Transfer, ePayments, Web Money, & Paxum.

Minimum payouts:

Wire Transfer3-4 days$1000***
USDT (Tether)instant*$100



5 Instant Approval Ad Networks For Small Websites

this is my favorite ad network A.ADS, this ad network provides us the best CPM and CPC and the best thing is this ad network will give you daily payout, interesting right,

this is a Crypto Ad Network, which is work on unique visits mean u no need to put lots of ads, just 1 ad is enough for a website, this network is allowed to put just 3 ads in 1 post,

this is the first crypto ads network, which is working since 2011 if you are an advertiser so they provide high-quality and unique traffic to advertisers.

They accept publishers with all kinds of websites, including adult, dating, and gaming, so it doesn’t matter if your blog belong to any category,

ADS formats:

Banner ads just

Advantages of A. ads:

  • instant approval
  • No requirement for traffic
  • high CPM and eCPM and CPC rates
  • monetize app, website, affiliate
  • 10% of affiliate advertiser’s budge

Payment method:

Automatic daily payment in bitcoin, of faucet pay wallet, and the Minimum Payout is 1 satoshi for the Faucetpay,

5 Instant Approval Ad Networks For Small Websites


5 Instant Approval Ad Networks For Small Websites

if you are using this ad network so you don’t need to submit your site for approval, there is no requirement for traffic, just register and get code for the site and place it anywhere you want to place it,

this site allows every kind of website, including adult, dating, and gaming, this ad network will pay in bitcoin, this provides just banner ads,

this network just pay for a unique impression, as you can see in the images its pay 1 satoshi for 36 views,

ADS formats:

Banner ads

Advantages of A. ads:

  • No need approval
  • No requirement for traffic
  • work on CPM
  • use banner anywhere

Payment method:

they pay just in bitcoin and the minimum payout is 0.0005 BTC. and 0.00003 BTC transaction fee

Revenue Hits

5 Instant Approval Ad Networks For Small Websites

Revenue Hits are very different ad networks when you compared them to the other ad networks,

Revenue Hits works for CPA click per action, which means they won’t pay for clicks or for impressions. They just pay when someone’s click is turned into action. 

For example, if click on an ad so you must have to register on that site or app, so the publisher will get paid for that, but if click but do not register and get back from ad so they won’t pay for that,

Advantages of A. ads:

  • istant approval
  • No requirement for traffic
  • work on CPA
  • Very high CPA rates

Payment method:

  • They pay high CPA $10-$50 per click and action
  • The minimum payout is $50 starting of month
  • They pay via Paypal, Payoneer & bank transfer


Propeller Ads

5 Instant Approval Ad Networks For Small Websites

Propeller Ads is the most popular and one of the best Ad Networks, the best support of this network, on this network you can get instant approval for your blog.

Propeller Ads are known for multiple ad formats. and high-quality banner ads, so I’m going to tell you the best advantages of Propeller Ads and also the best reason that why should you use them.

Advantages of Propeller Ads:

  • the best thing is the instant approval,
  • Minimum withdrawal is just $5
  • weekly payouts (every Thursday)
  • And you can use PayPal, ePayments, Wire Transfer, Payoneer, Webmoney, & Skrill.
  • Propeller Ads don’t require minimum traffic.
  • high quality ads

ADS formats:

  • push notification
  • pop-under
  • banner ads
  • Auto ads
  • social bar

Payment method:

you can withdraw your earnings using PayPal, ePayments, Wire Transfer, Payoneer, Webmoney, & Skrill.

The minimum withdrawal is just $5/ which is good for publisher, weekly payouts (every Thursday)


those are 5 instant approval ads networks with high CPC CPA CPM, and even trusted use them without having any problem, hope you like our information, if you have a question so feel free to comment,

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